Crayola Lightboard Review

Would you like to get your child a Christmas present that enhances his creativity and imagination? Then you will want to check out the Crayola Ultimate Lightboard. You’ll find your kids will beg for it over and over again. Crayola’s Ultimate Lightboard is by far the largest and most technologically advanced light board on the market.

Things That Comes in The Box:

The box includes 6 gel fx markers and one light board.  In order to use the light board, you will need 3 AAA batteries that are not included in the package. 

How Does The Crayola Light Board Work?

In the dark, the LED lights inside the Crayola’s Ultimate Lightboard shine beautifully. This board was specifically designed for use with Gel FX markers. LEDs are built into the board.  For the first time you use the FX markers, they appear dark and then light up as a result of the technology. A front panel can be removed to make the board into a tracing board. All you have to do is prepare the board for your children. When the board is turned on, place the paper you wish to trace on the back. Another awesome feature of this board is its kickstand that lets you stand it up for your kid’s convenience. You must remember that batteries must be removed before and after use to avoid destroying them. The front buttons can be pressed to change the lights effects. In addition, you can choose between an on light that doesn’t blink, a blinking light, and a gradual light. Whenever removing markers from a board, we suggest you use a wet-washcloth. For a completely streak-free board, you should use window cleaner.

What Your Kids Can Do with Crayola Lightboard?

Playing with the board for hours will provide your kids with hours of fun. The board is suitable for use during the day or at night. Crayola Boards are popular with kids for doodling purposes. Children can learn how to read, write, and multiply by using the board. It is possible to use the board in a regular classroom setting where kids can practice numbers and letters, play games, and do lots of other interesting activities.

If you want to trace on the board or to achieve a different visual effect, you can remove the black part.

 In darkened rooms, the board has a really cool visual effect, which makes it perfect for slumber parties.

Children ages six and older will enjoy the Crayola Ultimate Lightboard.

 Material: The board is made by using plastic material only.

Size: The exact size of the board is 11.5″ x 18″

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